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Hey Party People,

Thanks so much for considering us to be a part of
bringing joy and magic to your upcoming event!

Our very sought-after modern play toys allow for both aesthetic appeal and developmental play for kids from 0 to 6 years of age. All of our beautiful toys have been carefully selected and sourced out of Europe and Australia, with cultivating and encouraging child development in mind. To our delight, these amazing toys are now available for hire for all of your functions; from those very special events, casual get together, and everything in between.

As a trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I have spent years learning and understanding the developmental needs of children. In today's day and age, it's all too common that our kids get distracted and disengage resulting in undesirable antisocial and pernicious behaviour. In witnessing this happened, I realised that there is indeed a lack of suitable play hire available for the's with this in mind that my big idea was born, and The Kids Korner Co created. It's with this in mind that my big idea was born, and The Kids Korner Co created. It's simple really, we just want to bring it back to basics and have some good old 'fashion' fun. Literally.

We are a family run and operated business. The old saying, ‘family is everything’, really couldn’t be more true. Its with this in mind that we viewed starting this business as not only an opportunity to give you what you and your family would want, but also gave us an opportunity for my family and I to give back to other families who are in need. In honour of our eldest son Eric who sadly passed away shortly after birth, we have chosen to team up with the wonderful organisation SANDS (miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support), to which we will be donating a percentage of The Kids Korner Co profits too. A sincere thank you to all our beautiful customers for allowing us to be apart of your special events and in turn letting us give back to something we hold dear to our hearts. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

from my family to yours,
Happy Party Planning !

Always Gina x

Owner and Operator
BA; MSWQ (Qualifying); MMenHlthSc